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Globe Outsider - Hellbent/Red 27"

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- Perfect for urban areas and skateparks.

- If you mostly "STREET RIDING", then it is better to opt for a skateboard with small wheels, because you will be closer to the ground, and this will improve your stability.
- If you are more oriented towards tricks on ramps then the big wheels will be a better choice.

- Skateboards are made from maple (usually 7 layers of Canadian maple wood) and most are made in the USA.
- This wood is extremely strong (Canadian maple in particular) and resists severe impacts and landings.


- Depending on the type of longboard chosen, you will have to go for a walk, or go fast downhill, or dance, or do figures.

- Cruiser: Cruisers are great for beginners, and anyone who wants to take a ride on asphalt.
- Downhill: Downhill longboards are designed to go very fast (+/- 100km / H)
- Dancing: The length of the "Dancings Boards" will allow you to walk or "dance" on the board while riding, taking inspiration from long surfboards.
- Freeride & Freestyle: The Freeride and Freestyle boards are perfect if you want to do tricks on flat surfaces.

- Longboards are either made from maple (usually 7 layers of Canadian maple wood), bamboo, or fiberglass, or can contain all of these components at once, and most are made in the USA.
- Maple wood is extremely strong (Canadian maple in particular) and withstands severe impacts and landings.


- Perfect for walking and transporting around town, because it is light, easy to transport, and handy. - The wheels (both on wooden and nylon planks) have a relatively large diameter and are soft.
- These two characteristics make them fast, and with a large contact surface on the ground.
- Their original and creative designs, and their ease of transport also make these boards everyday accessories

- Nylon ones are smaller and therefore easier to maneuver and transport.

- Cruisers have wooden or plastic (nylon) decks.


- Perfect for getting started, or training for Surfing!
- The sensations of sursfkates are unique, and they are intended to make you feel the sensation of surfing on the asphalt.
- The special front axle allows for movements similar to those of surfing.
- Axis dynamics on a surfskate allow short, easy-to-maneuver turns, just like on a surf.
- No knowledge of Surf is necessary because the practice is intuitive and easy to learn.

- Carver brand: Founder of Surfskate, they are currently the pioneers in this field, their boards are made in the USA by hand, with the most noble materials.
- Triton brand: Created by Carver, with the difference that some materials are made in China.
- YOW brand: Made in Spain, practical if you want to transform your Surfskates into a classic Skateboard. - Globe brand: Very good value for money!

- Usually handcrafted in the USA, especially for the Carver brand


- The larger the board, the more stable it will be.
- The smaller the board, the more responsive it will be.

- The harder the wheels, the more responsive the board will be.
- The softer the wheels, the more comfortable and pleasant the board will be to drive.

- The wider the Trucks, the more stable the board is.
- The shorter the Trucks, the more responsive the board is.

- The higher the flex, the less flexible the board will be.
- If you have an average weight, and want normal flexibility, in this case you will choose a medium Flex.
- On the other hand, if you want a more rigid board in this case you will take a higher flex.
- However, if you want more flexibility, you will take a lower Flex.
- Not all brands have the same Flex!

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