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Your personal data

Your personal data (such as your name, first name, email, age, address, telephone and all your messages left on our site) are not disclosed to any third party or any legal person or any natural person who is not part of our staff.

Your personal data remains encoded only in our database to which no one has access except our staff.

The only people having access to your personal data as well as to your messages left on our site are: the store manager, the salespeople of our store, the website manager, as well as yourself.

We use an instant chat system on our site created by a third party company (, all messages you leave us on the chat are only visible to our store staff, this company does not have access to these messages because they are encrypted in their database and cannot be accessed by them. Apart from your messages left on the chat, this tool also allows us to see your IP address as well as your geolocation, it only serves us to make statistics in which countries our site generates the most visits.

We do not have access to your account password because your password is encrypted in our database and we cannot decrypt it, if you have forgotten your password we cannot recover it, you must reset and you will receive a new password in your mailbox which you can then change.

We use the Google Analytics system on our site to analyze the number of daily visitors that our site generates, Google records your IP address to geolocate you and define in which country our website generates the most visits.

To be able to place an order on our site you must be major or minor over 16 years old having obtained the authorization of your parents or your guardian to register and place orders on our site, we will cancel all orders and erase all your personal data if you are under 16 or if you are a minor over 16 and have not had permission from your parents or guardian to register.

Our various means of payment are managed through the intermediary of the company Ingenico (Ogone), neither we nor Ingenico (Ogone) have access to any of your bank details, Ingenico (Ogone) is just the intermediary who communicates with your bank to accept your payment, or refuse it in the event of fraud.

Your personal data as well as all your messages remain recorded in our database for an indefinite period, this is used to keep your account and prevent you from systematically recreating it when placing your orders.


Why do we need your personal data

We need your personal data only to deliver your orders placed on our site, as well as to have a follow-up for the guarantees, and this also allows us to send you emails promoting our new products (only with your agreement).

We will send you emails with the aim of promoting our products only if you have subscribed to our newsletter (you can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time).

We will never send you advertising by email or phone without your consent.


Your rights

You have the legitimate right to require us to see, modify, or delete any personal information concerning you.

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